Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Settling in

After spending the past week cleaning, shopping, unpacking, and organizing, my house is starting to feel like home. Every night I go home from work with a list of projects to tackle: dressers that need new pulls, chairs that I’m re-upholstering, a coffee table to paint, a garden that needs mulching…but I love it. I love being a home owner and having innumerable projects to occupy my time. My next big projects: painting the bathroom and guest bedroom and re-landscaping the front yard. Once I finish those projects, I will mostly likely tackle the kitchen. I think new countertops would be nice, and maybe new hardware for the cabinets. It’s amazing how many “home improvement” projects I find as I become more settled.
Last week, in the midst of my moving frenzy, for once, I had no desire to stop and go out for a run. I was so consumed by the moving process, that I forgot to eat, and finally, in the early morning hours, I forced myself to get into bed. I’m feeling better this week—I’ve set time limits on how long I’ll work on something, and I make sure I get my run in right after work.
Home ownership really does change you. I can vouch for it.

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