Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Famous Amos

Amos Lee played in Winston last night. I get chills just thinking about the show. I love his music, so I was expecting a good performance, but he blew me away. His voice is powerful live—more powerful than what comes through on his recordings, and the man can play a guitar and jam with the band. I love watching good musicians get together and practice their craft. They let it flow, pure ecstasy on their faces as they become absorbed in the jam. How do they know? Being that I am not musically inclined, it always baffles me to watch musicians take a tune they are familiar with and transform it into a cascade of beats totally new. I am envious of that connection, that language musicians have. I love being in the audience when an artist coaxes sound from guitar strings or piano keys and transmits the message to his fellow players on a stage, resulting in melodies never before played.
Look him up, his live show is well, well worth it.

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