Wednesday, April 11, 2007


For the Easter weekend, Cullen and I flew to Seattle to rendezvous with my family at our cabin. That was my first trip to the West Coast since moving to NC, and my first time seeing my siblings since August. We had such a fabulous weekend. I was giddy the whole trip. The cabin is one of my favorite spots, and seeing everyone again after so long—esp. with Cullen in tow, made it extra lovely. We had great weather on Friday, so Cullen and I explored the island with our running shoes. At the island’s tip, great trails abound, so when it was all said and done, we spent two hours running the island. To replenish our glycogen stores (or something like that) we, and the family, feasted on fresh oysters, clams, and mussels—right off the beach. Probably my second favorite thing about the cabin is the food gorging that goes on up there—we are so spoiled living on a beach replete with shellfish and waters teeming with crab and fishies. The beer and wine flowed and we were loud and maybe a bit crass, and the twins engaged in their never-ending wrestling matches with their uncle. The rest of the weekend followed pretty much the same course—family runs, frisbee, trips to town, more shellfish consumption, and a marathon game of Hearts that lasted well past my body’s (still on East Coast time) bedtime.
It was tough to say goodbye, and I left wishing that we could have a few more days before returning to reality. This trip, for me, was markedly different than previous cabin gatherings. For one, living so far away incites a new appreciation for the family. Also, I am in a really good place in my life right now. I think that my newfound independence has contributed to an overall deeper appreciation for what I have. I was thinking back to my last cabin trip last Easter, when I was still finishing school, and had great daydreams about moving to NC. At that point I had high hopes, but I wasn’t sure about the feasibility of my musings. I think that I was in a bit of a funk at that point—the reality of everything coming together just didn’t seem so possible. So to look back and compare, now a year later, is quite fantastic. Not only am I living in NC, but my job is great, and the transition has been so easy. Things have come together better than I had hoped, and being there this weekend gave me new insight into just how happy I am right now.

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