Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Infatuations at the moment

Yesterday, at work, a new iTunes office network playlist popped up; I decided to browse. Over 3000 songs! Golden. I love perusing people’s playlists because it’s a great way to discover new artists. I tend to live in a hole, without TV, and my only radio exposure is NPR, so basically, I am ignorant of anything pop culture. Case in point: On the new playlist, I discovered Amos Lee, who is on Norah Jones’ record label. Wow, I’m in love. He has these two songs, “Arms of a Woman,” and “I’m Not Myself,” that I am now completely obsessed with—read, listening to over and over again, all day long. I know that I am walking a fine line between loving these songs and killing them to the point that at the mere mention of Amos’ name I will shudder, but right now, I’m in kill mode. (Note: for some reason, “I’m Not Myself” is not on either of Amos’ CDs. I had to track down the owner of the playlist to download the song onto my computer.)
Another cool find: (The geek in me likes this.), which is a website that lets you track all of your workouts. It graphs them, calculates your run pace, keeps track of your shoe mileage, and provides weekly, monthly, and yearly mileage and time totals. Every morning, I faithfully log on to input my previous evening’s run. So fun.

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