Thursday, March 29, 2007

Easy Listening

This morning, in lieu of listening to the NPR station beg for money and tout the latest “challenge pledge” during pledge drive week, I flipped channels and settled for the Easy Listening station. I was transported back to my dentist’s office in Sonora—they always play those kinds of stations in that setting. I caught myself singing along to old Whitney Houston songs. I was kind of into it. I went to a Gutser concert last night, and I woke up with my ears still ringing a bit, so the easy listening was a welcome change.
I don’t know what direction I am really heading with this…I guess I didn’t get enough sleep last night and my morning radio fix was the only thing worth writing about.

On another note, this past weekend we went to Nantahala for a trail run race. I have never done a race quite like it: 5 miles up (like, steep up), and 3 miles down a narrow singletrack. It was the first race where I have felt really good at the end—because I was running downhill. Nantahala is a beautiful spot, and I would love to return when the leaves all bloom out. It made me realize, on the drive there, how cool this state is, and how little I have explored since moving here.

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