Monday, January 29, 2007


Whoa, today is a tough day to be at work. Returning from vacation is never easy, and today is no exception. Last night, we got back from an awesome, perfect--actually-- ski vacation in Breckenridge. Restful vacation it was not. For four days, we trashed our bodies on the slopes. We ripped through trees, giggling and following each other, navigated moguls, and hiked up to the very top—13, 000 feet of scarce oxygen and breathtaking Colorado-views. We skied down steep, 40 degree bowls, found countless trails through the woods, and got very familiar with the mountain. We had amazing, clear weather the whole time (it was a bit chilly at times, I’m not going to lie), almost no crowds to contend with, and stayed in a cozy condo that was in proximity to the chairlift.
We laughed, a lot, and acted goofy and carefree. It was exactly what a vacation, in my mind, should be—physically demanding, yet completely relaxing—because when you are following two brothers through low-slung branches and off-cambered bumps of snow, you don’t think about work, what bills you have to pay, or how many e-mails you have to respond to. You just ski.
The biggest adventure was the lift to the top, and the ensuing hike up a precipitous trail that led to some steep, double diamond skiing. The air made it difficult to breathe, and the added weight of carrying skis and poles, plus hiking in ski boots, added to the overall thrill/fear/challenge. Once on top, though, the view was beyond spectacular, and the skiing was fantastic. The snow was unblemished, and the challenge was navigating through rocky patches and across a frozen pond littered with snowballs the size of basketballs.

So today, I am stifling yawns and grumpy about sitting in a desk chair instead of a chairlift. My legs and back have a pleasant ache—they are reminding me of the work I made them do during the last week. I am making a mental list of the returning-from-vacation chores that I have before me: grocery shopping, laundry, bills, etc. Oh, and I am already plotting next year’s trip.

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