Monday, January 29, 2007


Whoa, today is a tough day to be at work. Returning from vacation is never easy, and today is no exception. Last night, we got back from an awesome, perfect--actually-- ski vacation in Breckenridge. Restful vacation it was not. For four days, we trashed our bodies on the slopes. We ripped through trees, giggling and following each other, navigated moguls, and hiked up to the very top—13, 000 feet of scarce oxygen and breathtaking Colorado-views. We skied down steep, 40 degree bowls, found countless trails through the woods, and got very familiar with the mountain. We had amazing, clear weather the whole time (it was a bit chilly at times, I’m not going to lie), almost no crowds to contend with, and stayed in a cozy condo that was in proximity to the chairlift.
We laughed, a lot, and acted goofy and carefree. It was exactly what a vacation, in my mind, should be—physically demanding, yet completely relaxing—because when you are following two brothers through low-slung branches and off-cambered bumps of snow, you don’t think about work, what bills you have to pay, or how many e-mails you have to respond to. You just ski.
The biggest adventure was the lift to the top, and the ensuing hike up a precipitous trail that led to some steep, double diamond skiing. The air made it difficult to breathe, and the added weight of carrying skis and poles, plus hiking in ski boots, added to the overall thrill/fear/challenge. Once on top, though, the view was beyond spectacular, and the skiing was fantastic. The snow was unblemished, and the challenge was navigating through rocky patches and across a frozen pond littered with snowballs the size of basketballs.

So today, I am stifling yawns and grumpy about sitting in a desk chair instead of a chairlift. My legs and back have a pleasant ache—they are reminding me of the work I made them do during the last week. I am making a mental list of the returning-from-vacation chores that I have before me: grocery shopping, laundry, bills, etc. Oh, and I am already plotting next year’s trip.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Snow Bunny

This weather here is crazy and unpredictable. Last week, we enjoyed days in the 70s; today the city is blanketed in softly falling snow. I love the variety, and because it snows so infrequently here, it is a pleasant surprise.
I am not a fan of cold weather, and I wouldn’t willingly live in a place that received a lot of snowfall, but infrequent blanketings are simply lovely. I feel so cozy right now. It is warm inside, and the view outside the window is white and sparkling. I am, unfortunately, at work, and not at home in front of a fire with a book, but all the same, I feel warm and secure.
Next week Cullen and I are headed to Colorado for some skiing. Very excited. East Coast skiing just isn’t going to cut it, so we made plans to fly out west. I am hoping that we will have good ski conditions—I am not used to having to book a vacation to ski. I used to just drive home to my parent’s, and if it was good snow at the mountain, I would ski. But here—it is a bit more of an ordeal to seek out good skiing—and even that is a gamble.

I wish that I had more to write about. I have felt very un-inspired lately in my blogging. Life is rolling along in an undulating sea of contentment, but nothing has stood out so much that I feel this compulsion to articulate it to cyberworld. I feel happier right now than I can ever recall feeling—shouldn’t that inspire me to write something? My life, though, right now, is just peaceful and good, but not surging and inspiring—hence my writer’s block. I am still very happy with my job—minus some snafoos with a co-worker; I love living at my new place; my friendships here are solid and I still get in some good girl-time; I have been baking and reading again; and Cullen—things with him are just so lovely and easy and safe. He brings such joy into my life, and we fit together so well that it sometimes seems like he has always been a part of my life; I have not had to adjust or shift in any way to accommodate him into my heart. This is the first relationship for me where I have not had to deal with dissonance or justification for why I want to be with someone. Everything about him works for me, and I don’t have to explain or deal with doubt. When you know, it is just so easy that it is almost disappointing in the lack of tangibility. Lighting doesn’t flash across the sky, and I sense no physical changes in my universe. I just feel full and good. It is a feeling akin to eating a terrific meal and drinking lots of wine—my body and mind are satisfied and crave nothing; I don’t want to disrupt this state I am in.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Year

Happy New Years!
I rang in the New Year rockin’ to an 80s cover band. I don’t know if that indicates an auspicious start, but I was having a great time dancing to keyboards and synthesizers, so 2007 won't be all that bad, right?
I am not big on making resolutions, but Cullen and I did decide that we are going to find an organization to volunteer for. Other than that, I am hoping that 2007 will be calm—not as many huge life changes as 2006 had. Reflecting back, I think that 2006 was probably the biggest life-change year that I have had in my 26 years. Quick re-cap:
Finished school, spent two fantastic weeks skiing in Mammoth, moved out of San Luis Obispo (my home for six great years), said goodbye to many friends there, went to Europe 2x, spent two great weeks with my sister and her family in Eugene, found a job in NC, drove across the country, started new job, met many new friends, met mi gran amor, moved after 3 months of living with sloppy roommate, and now, here I am—2007 has begun.
2006 was a fantastic year, and I am so grateful, every day, for the friendships and love that have drifted in and out. My family is healthy, I am healthy, and we are blessed. Here’s hoping for an equally rockin’ (minus the synthesizers) 2007!