Thursday, November 09, 2006

The South vs. California

I love that people here, the locals, have different levels of a southern drawl. You can tell which ones come from the country and which ones were raised in the city. Grits and okra and sweet tea grace most menus. The men here are not ashamed to demonstrate chivalry; they don’t assume that a woman will get offended if the door is held open as she passes through. Most businesses are closed on Sunday mornings. It is assumed that you are either a Baptist or a Methodist (which I am still getting used to—the whole “domination definition”). When I ride my bike, I pass tobacco fields—I had never seen tobacco grown prior to moving here. Interestingly, I feel comfortable living in a town that boasts tobacco and donuts, even though I don’t consume either product. I feel like I can let down my guard and put down my “political correctness” shield that one must constantly carry when living in California.

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