Monday, November 20, 2006

Daily Rant

Sometimes I need to have a good bitch-fest. Here goes. Christmas-mania before Thanksgiving (hell, it starts after Halloween). Why? Seriously, I realize that it is driven by commercialism and not because people (excluding the ones who own a separate set of dishes that have x-mas trees on them) are just that into the holiday, but it is so annoying to see Christmas wreaths and Santas plastering anything that stands still. If I was in charge, I would have a law banning all and any Christmas decorations until, oh, say December 15th. Ten days of cheap x-mas d├ęcor are all that any self-respecting store or city needs. And after Christmas? Take it down, please, spare us. I am not trying to sound like a total scrooge, because I actually enjoy Christmas very much, but I despise the commercialism and plastic-ness of it. What better way to ruin a holiday than by decorating and over-selling it two months before it even arrives?
Here’s my second rant and puzzlement of the day: Video games and the hype over buying new consoles. I am a self-admitted idiot when it comes to pop culture, so if NPR doesn’t report it, I probably haven’t heard about it. This morning, the newscast mentioned the release of new Nintendos or Sonys or some kind of new game thing—and here’s what I don’t understand: people standing in line for three days to buy one, or paying $1500 on eBay for a blasted video game player. Sometimes our culture completely disgusts me, and paying that much, or waiting in line that long for a piece of entertainment is ridiculous to me.
There, I'm done. I feel much better.

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Tamara said...

Shit, and I was just about to inflate that 30 foot pvc snowman for my front yard! I'm with you on this disgust of Christmas crap littering our views for nearly three months out of the year. And hear, hear on the whole x-box thing. What is with that!?